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Oakmere Advisors in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore: Family Office


Family Office Explained

Oakmere Advisors provide professionally-managed family-office services to address the requirements and challenges relevant to the obligation of protecting your heritage.

Family-office systems are special structures allows us to provide service around the personalized needs of every family member while focusing on the essential objectives of the office in general. As such, every family office will have its own unique structure entirely different from those of others. At Oakmere Advisors, Oakmere Advisors help extremely high-net-value families with the necessary management approach and financial guidance that suits the goals of the structure.

Incorporate your Family Office

Ordinarily, a family office structure is integrated within a privately-owned firm; and, just like any registered business organization, the firm must have a management group of assigned directors, shareholders and an administrative staff. The firm’s assets are broken down into pertinent portions to represent the shareholding of every chosen member. Of course, in considering such wealth allocation, the challenges of designing an appropriate structure require the knowhow and implementation capability of administrative and legal expertise. This required expert representation is what Oakmere Advisors' family office groups can deliver.

Even though a family office can be registered anywhere in the globe, families usually prefer to house their firms in the more secure financial centers such as London, United States and Switzerland. Nevertheless, because of more recent economic and regulatory changes, clients feel that the advantages of economic stability and privacy statutes in cities such as Singapore and Hong Kong provide a more secure structure for their dynamic needs. For this purpose, Oakmere Advisors' family- office department, in spite of being committed to only a few chosen entities, is a growing part of our expertise that lets us manage several family-offices located in Hong Kong or in Singapore.

Meet our Advisors and Discuss your Requirements with us

Please get in touch with us to know more about our family-office services, how you can quality for a detailed consultation and how Oakmere Advisors can assist you in safeguarding your heritage.

What is my Family Office?

·         It is an integrated structure given the task of managing the financial requirements of a large multi-generational family with great wealth.

·         It is integrated within a firm operating in a financially-stable jurisdiction such as Singapore or Hong Kong.

·         It is administered exclusively in accordance with a defined mandate devoted to the specific needs of every member of the family.

Oakmere Advisors manage the multifaceted financial purposes of large wealth ownership using the knowhow and management expertise of our professional advisors.

Once the total combined wealth of a multi-generational family reaches a level of intricacy beyond any person’s ability to cope with, a professionally-run family office system will serve as a vital instrument to the current success of your heritage. Through integrating your financial needs into a professionally-run firm, your legal and administrative staff will manage your financial assets and safeguard your interest by preserving and generating wealth for future generations.

The cost of administering a significant amount of wealth is proportional to the total wealth value involved. This implies that the cost of managing such substantial wealth will include the expertise of specialists in accounting, tax law, business law, investment management and a private manager who is responsible for integrating each field of expertise. To reduce the costs, ultra-high net value families opt to benefit from an integrated-family office structure that smoothly combines each professional function into one efficient, operational system. The advantages do not merely depend on savings in administrative expenses, but with every necessary performance within a single management group, the entire operation of the office can be readily maximized through the determination of potential productive measures that arise from the integration of every function.

Compensation Models

Oakmere Advisors offers a system whereby families can remunerate our services based on a fixed (hourly) rate or as a percentage of the value of wealth being administered. More often, a combination of the two can be agreed upon as the best arrangement. Please get in touch with us to determine your specific family wealth needs and how Oakmere Advisors can assist you and your family to preserve and enhance your assets through a cost-effective, professionally-managed family-office structure.


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