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Support and Security at Oakmere Advisors in Tokyo, Japan, Singapore


Oakmere Advisors see to it that our clients will always have the confidence they need at each stage of their investment journey toward a secure financial future.

Support and Security at Oakmere Advisors in Tokyo, Japan

Every person seeks the peace of mind in this uncertain economic environment; and Oakmere Advisors fully appreciates this vital need of clients who commit their wealth to our investment plans. Hence, we utilize a significant amount time to assure that you, as our esteemed client, are constantly informed of the factors pertinent to the performance of your portfolio. Your assigned wealth advisor will furnish you with updated performance reports and also inform you of specific emerging economic trends which can either be opportunities you can exploit or as threats you can avoid through prudent adjustments of your asset allocation.

Nominee Entities

The ability to secure your wealth in the process of investing is of vital significance to our present management performance. Hence, to achieve excellent standards of investment management approaches, Oakmere Advisors utilizes chosen firms to hold your investments and assets. This strategy is consistent with the usual practices in the industry, which is securing your investments through a particular legal entity who serves to secure the value of your investments and insuring them against future events that may hinder the liquidity of your personal assets.

Oakmere Advisors uses a structure for nominee holding as a means of keeping our client’s wealth safe and secure. For more information regarding Oakmere Advisors safeguards the market values of your financial interests, kindly contact our company.

Call us at Oakmere Advisors for further inquiries regarding how we can serve you and help you safeguard your investments.

Total Client Support:

·         Unhindered and direct access to your assigned wealth advisor.

·         Top quality administrative and support services.

·         Performance commentaries and reports furnished at your convenience.

·         Your investment interests protected by legal nominee entities for added asset security.

Support and Security at Oakmere Advisors in Tokyo, Japan



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